Portfolio DEVELOPMENT AND Management

A comprehensive and well thought out IP portfolio is an indispensable asset in the valuation of a technology company.  For most technology companies, a commercialized product is some distance in the future.  A comprehensive IP portfolio is the primary element that can generate long term value when competing against major companies with much greater technological and financial resources.  We can assist in advising on strategies that develop a cost-effective IP portfolio taking into account the needs and resources of your organization. 

Demonstrating clear possession of intellectual property rights and freedom-to-operate is essential for any technology company hoping to secure financing or a strategic partnership.  We advise both investors and companies seeking financing on the intellectual property issues that may affect corporate valuations.  The firm has experience in conducting due diligence investigations ranging from minor collaborative relationships to major corporate acquisitions valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 


The firm offers drafting, procurement and prosecution services for patents, copyrights and trademarks in the United States.  



It is essential that a business that invests in the development of products establish freedom to operate relative to the intellectual property assets of its competitors.  This is particularly true in highly regulated industries with long development cycles such as pharmaceuticals.  Murphy Intellectual Property performs freedom-to-operate analyses to identify potential barriers-to-entry and collaborating with our clients to develop design-around strategies, negotiate licenses on reasonable terms, develop strategies for post-grant proceedings or prepare for potential litigation. 


It is essential that small companies enter into a variety of contractual relationships with third parties to develop their technology.  Many times, small companies fail to appreciate the long-term impacts of such relationships, particularly in co-development and consulting services agreements.  It is  fundamental to building a successful company that the innovator retain control over its core technologies and does not compromise.  We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiation of technology agreements to enable such collaborations.